About Us

About the Company

Welcome to Fastlane Transfers, the primary hub of the most reliable, convenient and efficient mini cab service in the United Kingdom. We are more than proud to offer transportation services that will sweep you off your feet in the very first experience!

Fastlane Transfers’ commitment to excellence is unmatched, truly, and with every trip, every booking and experience, our goal is to exceed your expectations. In fact, Fastlane Transfers sets the bar so high, it’s extremely difficult to top it. We’re well aware that getting from one point to the other can be challenging, especially in busy cities like Manchester or London, hence, we’ve ensured that traveling with us as a stress-free experience.

Our team

Our team of experienced and qualified drivers is hellbent on ensuring that you are safe and comfortable at every given time. When it comes to our hiring process, we are sure to hire people based on their customer service expertise, experience and skillset in driving. Each of our drivers go through a challenging, and thorough background check and training program to keep up our high standards.

At Fastlane transfers, we have state-of-the-art automobiles. Our fleet of cars is regularly maintained to ensure that they are in an excellent condition and fulfill all security standards to meet our clients’ expectations.

Flexible booking

We are well aware that travel plans can change unexpectedly, and this is why we offer booking options that are very flexible. You could easily book a mini cab through our website or if not our website, then you can do so through our app. If you’re not that well-equipped with technology, then bookings can also be made through our customer service helpline.

To book a mini cab, you need to add your pick-up or drop-off location, and then once you’ve added all the required information, you will receive a confirmation mail. In order to make changes to your booking, for example, if your flight was cancelled, you can call our helpline and make the required alterations.

One of the primary concerns people face with mini cab services is whether or not they will be able to reach their destination on time, but worry not, with Fastlane Transfers, you will get to where you need to be in no time and that too, in the most efficient way possible. We offer services to and from all major airports in the UK, so you can start and end your trip on a high note.


Another great thing about Fastlane Transfers is that not only are our services high-quality but they are also very affordable and easy on the pocket. We offer competitive pricing for our services, and we do not compromise on quality. Transportation can be expensive, and fitting this into your budget, if you’re going on a vacation or a business meeting can be tough, so, we’ve made sure that our prices are easily affordable for clients. Our goal is to provide the most convenient rates possible.

When it comes to our bills, they are very transparent. You will have to pay only what you’ve been shown, there is no hidden fee or charges, and you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a reputation of being a trusted mini cab service in the UK. Our loyal customer base trusts us to get them wherever they need to go on time. Whether its for business or pleasure, you can count of Fastlane Transfers.

Book with us!

At Fastlane Transfers, we are committed to cutting down our environmental impact. Our vehicles are eco-friendly, and we ensure to implement sustainable practices wherever we are able to. We believe that it is our job to do our part in protecting the planet for our future generations.

We are constantly expanding our services to new locations, and striving for improvement on a regular basis, so, we meet the standards of our clients. We offer unique and customized transportation solutions to meet your needs.

So, the next time you need a transportation service from anywhere in the UK, trust Fastlane Transfers to get you to where you want to be. With our relentless efforts, we hope to earn your trust as your go-to mini cab service in the United Kingdom.